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At Jenkins Dental, we combine the comfort of a tranquil environment with modern, technology-driven patient care. Dr. Damon Jenkins offers the expertise of a general dentist with additional specialization in the field of prosthodontics  and experience in the complex rehabilitation of teeth. He is highly trained in facially generated cosmetic treatments and uniquely qualified to return the teeth to full function and enhance the appearance of the smile with personalized restorations and prostheses. We also believe in educating our patients about their oral health, function, and maintenance to instill them with a sense of pride, understanding, and value for their teeth and overall oral health. By maintaining this patient-centric mindset, we are driven to utilize the latest research, the best quality materials, and state-of-the-art instruments to consistently achieve excellence in clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. We welcome patients of all ages and oral conditions to become a part of our dental family. Schedule your new patient appointment today!

Our Digital Smile Design process begins with an analysis of your facial characteristics and dental condition. Working from the face inward, we consider your personality, the elements of your smile, and your personal smile goals. Our analysis also includes the functional and biological aspects of your treatment to treat any oral conditions that may compromise the longevity and integrity of our cosmetic dentistry treatments.
Utilizing our technologies, including 3D imaging, we capture high quality digital photographs of your teeth that are transferred to our Digital Smile Design software. Comprehensive prep-work ensures your smile will be designed for facial symmetry and smile harmony, as we guide each tooth’s design into the most ideal location, shape, color, and size
One of the greatest benefits of Digital Smile Design, our mock-ups allow you to visualize what your final smile will look like integrated with your facial aesthetics. This also gives you the opportunity to suggest modifications and allows us to tweak aspects of your digital smile based on our artistic and design experience.
When treatment planning with Digital Smile Design technology is complete, we can begin the process of actually transforming your teeth with cosmetic dentistry procedures. Depending on your oral condition and the treatments needed, this process varies for each patient. Once your treatment is complete, your smile will mirror that which was designed and mocked-up beforehand!
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Envision Your New Beautiful Smile With Digital Smile Design Technology

Facially Generated Treatment from an Experienced Prosthodontist

Many patients desiring new smiles don’t even realize that a large portion of an aesthetic smile is derived from how the teeth appear, not only within the smile, but within their unique facial aesthetics. This is why seeking treatment from a trained prosthodontist like Dr. Damon Jenkins is critical to receiving a smile that fits you perfectly in regards to your personality, facial shape, and physical characteristics of your smile. Integrating Digital Smile Design technology into his established expertise as a prosthodontist only furthers the accuracy and predictability of final smile makeover outcomes. This merging of artistry and technology uniquely qualifies Dr. Jenkins to provide cosmetic dentistry services and he routinely provides treatments that exceed patient expectations.

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