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Full Arch Implant Restorations: Smile with Pride and Confidence

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A New Set of Teeth Stabilized with Dental Implants

One of the most notable benefits of dental implants is their ability to stabilize dentures or permanently fix a full arch prosthesis to the jaw. This advantage has been life-changing for countless patients and this transformative experience is what motivated us to give our patients another option besides dentures. A new set of teeth stabilized by dental implants gives patients the ability to chew and speak, while also providing them with a beautiful smile. If you have a terminal dentition, ill-fitting denture, or simply in need of new teeth, there is hope! We combine our restorative expertise and the latest technology to help you transition from your current situation to a healthy, functional, and beautiful new set of teeth.Our prosthodontist, Dr. Damon Jenkins, is specialized in restoring smiles with full arch restorations stabilized by dental implants. With expertise in both the art and science of designing natural and aesthetic full arch restorations, Dr. Jenkins is specially qualified to create your smile to blend harmoniously in with your facial aesthetics, while providing the biggest functional improvements afforded in full arch replacement options today. Working closely with an experienced oral surgeon who places your dental implants, we provide beautiful and functional full arch restorations for removable overdentures and hybrid fixed dentures.

The Benefits of Dentures Supported by Dental Implants

An overdenture is a denture stabilized by two or more dental implants, which are placed at the time of surgery with bone grafting or three months later after the site has fully healed. Unlike traditional dentures, the upper full arch restorations used for an overdenture have a cast metal framework that attaches to the dental implants for security. This framework allows the denture to have an open palate, improving temperature awareness, taste, texture of foods, and speech. Overdentures improve aesthetics and provide a better and more secure fit that reduces movement during eating and speaking. Though they are removable, overdentures provide significant improvements when compared to traditional dentures.

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From Overdentures to Hybrid Fixed Dentures

Taking full arch restorations one step further, hybrid fixed dentures are permanently fixed in place using 4-6 dental implants. As with all our full arch restorations, we design hybrid fixed dentures to look aesthetically beautiful and function well, enabling patients to chew and speak comfortably. The advantage of this option is that if the dental implants are stable after surgery, full arch restorations can be loaded immediately, adding instant aesthetics and function to your smile the day of surgery!

Hybrid Fixed Dentures Provide Many Advantages

  • Full arch restorations are nearly identical to real teeth
  • Permanently fixed in place for greater stability
  • Over 100 percent biting force restored
  • Improved smile aesthetics and facial appearance
  • Highly comfortable, with a natural look and feel
  • Significant boost in self-esteem and confiden

Do you have a terminal dentition, ill-fitting denture, or simply in need of new teeth?